Tekken, the legendary fighting video game developed by Bandai Entertainment is now entering its 8th installment. All eyes are now rolling on how the developer will release the much-anticipated Tekken 8.

Their previous game, Tekken 7, was greeted with a mild reception. Amidst gamers, the game didn’t gather much recognition as the company would have expected.

Bandai Namco will try to redeem themselves and will use Tekken 8 release as a vehicle to return to form and gain popularity among gamers.

When is Tekken 8 happening?

There’s no clear cut date of when is the game making its way into the market the developer is mostly silent about this. But there’s a slight teaser
at the end of Tekken 7’s story mode that symbolizes at something is coming.

When you beat the Akuma(Game’s Character) in the special chapter, you’ll get to notice a secret ending, one that signifies at things to come.

Tekken 8

When you sit through the ending credits, you’re compensated with a special cutscene. A secret ending, The Tekken 8 teaser.

Very little is known about the games graphics and general game mechanics but fans do say that the game will be radically different from Tekken 7.

Tekken 7 even though met with a lukewarm response the game did pretty well in terms of sales and companies profit increased. The eSports scene is developing too so there’s no way that Bandai Namco will rush the release of its next game.

Frequently the content for Tekken 7 is being released, new DLC’s and balance adjustments are constantly making their way into the game. So the announcement of Tekken 8 seems a bit far ahead.

Tekken 8 release date

There was a 6-year passage between Tekken 6 and Tekken 7. If we accept this as evidence and consider it as a frame of citation, Tekken 8 could make an appearance around 2021.

There is no way that the developer Bandai Namco will not come up with Tekken 8. The franchise is too big with a cult-like following and
on top of that, this series proves to be a huge commercial success for the company so its only a matter of when and not if.