Recently, a TikTok user realized that she made the wrong life choice and trapped herself in a baby swing. Sometimes pushing the limits can lead to awful consequences.

Layani Maclean from Oxfordshire tried to put herself inside a baby swing. She did so to film the TikTok video. Unfortunately, she didn’t realize the swing was a tad too small for her body.

The video clip of the 14 years old went viral over social media which shows the firefighters talking to Maclean before starting the rescue operation. What else could have happened? She was stuck in a child’s swing for more than an hour before being freed by firefighters.

The incident happened at the local park on July 12. When Layani and her friends were taking turns sitting in the swing while filming it in a video. But while it was Layani’s turn she got trapped in the playground equipment.

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Apparently, it made her mom – Charlie Maclean,  call the fire department for her rescue. she says –

“It was a really bizarre situation to walk into.”

She explained the attempts she tried using detergent but they were unsuccessful.

“When my neighbor called to tell me I just started laughing, but when I arrived it was clear it was a bit more serious than I initially thought”

Although even the staunch professionals couldn’t resist “cracking all the possible swing jokes they could think of.” recalls Charlie

Finally after an intense round of work done by the firefighters she was rescued. They even assured the family as this wasn’t their first case and also likely wouldn’t be their last.

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Layani’s mother was very thankful to them for their efforts while keeping the frame of mind balanced. Especially since they were forced to unhinge the swing while supporting the girl’s body weight, and use cleaning liquid to eventually squeeze her out.

“We’re in the middle of baking them a cake now to say thank you,” says Layani’s grateful mother.

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