Most of us believe that a tech guy in the office has to do nothing at all apart from just helping people restarting their systems. Well, if you see these imagines, you won’t have the perception anymore. The tech guy that you think is useless has to actually deal with a lot of drama with the wires. Sometimes there are even worse situations that you will see in the collection of images shared by people. So, check out these images shared by tech support people about their worst experiences.

#1 When They Get Creative With The Only Working Audio Output They Have

#2 Customer Describes A “Slight” Burning Smell

#3 While We’re Posting Pierced Fiber Lines

#4 Mouse

#5 Go Check The Switch Closet. We Think Something Might Have Gotten Unplugged Somewhere

#6 Trouble Ticket Read “After Office Renovation Internet Doesn’t Work”

#7 Dont Use Lemonade To Clean Your Mouse. I Thought The Acidity Would Clean Off The Buildup Of Crumbs And Cheeto Grease But It Just Attracted These Ants. I Left Home For 2 Days, Just To See This On My Desk

#8 Improvised Way To Supply Power

#9 So..this Came In Today..and It’s Glorious

#10 It’s Actually Fully Functional

#11 I Don’t Work In Tech. My Hospital Has Some Occasional Network Issues…i’ve Finally Seen Behind The Curtain

#12 A Dove Made A Nest In The Projector In My Classroom

#13 Server Is Down!

#14 Found This On A User’s Desk

#15 This “Watercooled” PC I Found For Sale Online

#16 Crispy

#17 Shared On Facebook. Why Is My Mouse Not Working?

#18 Coworker Had An Important Thumb Drive Fail On Her (Solder Pads Tore Off)… Just A Little Bit Of Janky Soldering And I Was Able To Recover The Files Just Fine

#19 Saw This In The Basement Of A Mini-Mall

#20 The Way The “Electrician” Repaired His Own Mistake At My Home Without Notifying Me (Optical Fiber Entry Link). “They Shouldn’t Notice”

#21 “.. No I Have Never Dropped My Phone In Water Or Anything.”

#22 This Must Be The Work Of A Madman

#23 To Ensure Maximum Keyboard Stability, Hp Decided 57 Screws Was The Magic Number For The X360

#24 Wife Spilled Coffee On Laptop…

#25 Playstation 2 Slim “Doesnt Turn On” Also Seller Had No Idea What Happened To It

#26 Student Spilled Nail Polish On Computer. Mother Tried To Clean It And Washed Off 26 Keys

#27 That’s Not Good…

#28 Why Would Anyone Make This?

#29 Hang In There Baby

#30 Mom, Can We Get Business-Grade Ethernet Switch? – No, We Have Business-Grade Ethernet Switch At Home. – Business-Grade Ethernet Switch At Home: