After the coronavirus outbreak, our lives have changed. From getting used to working from home to social distancing, this new normal has started taking over our usual normal lives. While we have adjusted a lot, when it comes to school, children, and education, we still have to look for safe and better ways. 

We aren’t saying that each academic year is not hard but this one, in particular, is the hardest. Probably that’s why genius teachers are sharing some great ideas creative ways to keep students distanced and also engaged in their classrooms. 

1. This teacher has several seating options.


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2. This teacher’s family came up with a suitable option for hand sanitizer.

3. Clorox wipes without grabbing the bottle.

4. Labeling all supplies to make sure everyone uses their own.

5. Use book covers to cover the seats in a classroom.

6. Individual Lego kits.

7. Hang the tissues in an easy-to-reach place.

8. Use shower curtains for classroom dividers.

9. Tape boundaries around the classroom.

10. Storage bins for everyone’s desk.

11. Give each student a personal yoga mat to sit on in the classroom.

12. Decorate plexiglass spacers with motivational messages.


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13. Fun and decorative hats with social distancing sticks.

14. An easy way to disinfect toys at the end of the day.


15. Simple storage caddy idea.

16. Helpful reminders can become part of the classroom decor.

17. Getting creative with the layout.

18. Cute sign-in station.

19. Cardboard high-fives for the win!

20. DIY mask keepers.

21. Easy marker hack.

22. These “book boats” for kids to read in.

23. This beach-themed classroom.