If you were 8-years-old and given a chance to ask God anything you want, what would have been your question? These 3rd-grade students were asked to write a letter to God asking him anything they want. Most adults would not even think about such questions, but these kids did have some good questions in mind.

Kids are innocent and have no clue whether their questions make any sense or don’t. Scroll down and leave you comments about what you think of these intriguing question.

A philosophy thinker in the making.

How old are you, if I may ask?

One genie lamp, please.

Why the long neck?

Asking the boss if it’s okay.

Never had to look twice.

God, can we get new ones already? Please?

Gotta flex those shoes.

I really need to know where babies come from!

Please don’t go back on your words.

But that’s what family do!

Your geography teacher.

Yea, should have given them their own room.

I’d like to hear from a professional.

Kissed in a church.

If it’s the latter, can you teach me?


Are things strictly business?

Thank you, but…

Give my rat brother a tail.