Taylor Swift is going to release her 7th album soon

Taylor Swift dropped her latest single ME! over a month ago and since then fans have been waiting for her to release the second track from her next album. Talks of the seventh album by the pop singer have been circulating in the news for a long time now, however, there have been no updates regarding the same from Taylor or her agencies.

New album release rumours

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Taylor Swift’s fans have been asking the question regarding her next album for a long time now and they have been wondering why it is taking so much time for the album to be released.

Speculations and reports have suggested that Taylor will be releasing her next album during the last few months of 2019. However, some people have also suggested that Taylor Swift has revealed some hints and clues regarding her next album in the coming days. Some rumours have been circulating that the album will be released before summer hits.

Taylor Swift and her 7th Album

Taylor Swift and her album release rumours

It is expected that the new album will be released sometime between the months of April and July. With the release of ME!, Taylor has surprised a lot of fans as this is the lead track of the upcoming album.

The song was an instant hit among fans and it appears that the theme and setting of this album will be vastly different from the last one, Reputation.

With the release of this song, Taylor Swift has pumped the fans for the release of her new album. We can speculate with confidence that the album will definitely be released in the coming months but there has been no official release date announcement.