Tax Day 2019 is barely a few months away. The tax session for the current year will take the proceeds as normal as it was in the previous year despite the government shutdown which is the longest in the history.

When is Tax Day 2019?

Tax day in the United States is on the 15th of April. It will be a Monday.

IRS on Friday has released “IRS Free Lookup Tool” which is the updated version of its tool. This is to help the taxpayers of the country so that efficiently navigate through the options of tax filing which are free.

The tax returns will be accepted by the IRS from the 28th of January which is a Monday.

If the income tax of the taxpayers is less than $66,000 in the previous year then they will be able to file online their federal tax returns free of cost. The IRS has released a list of 12 different types of tax preparers ahead of Tax Day 2019.

This list is inclusive of the TurboTax as well as H&R Block. There are some companies which for the state returns offer free. However, there are also many which charge fee for doing the same.

Tax Day 2019: How to File Your Income Tax Return For Free Online

The taxpayers can file online their tax return for free even if they earn greater than $66,000. But to avail the benefit the taxpayers will have to file online the tax by using the “Free File Fillable Forms.”

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The taxpayers can file tax returns for free using the Free File Fillable Forms.
Source: Business Insider

Recommendations of the IRS for Tax Day 2019

According to the IRS, these forms will be available from the 28th of January. The IRS has also recommended that only taxpayers who have the experience of preparing the tax returns on their own should use these forms so as to pay the tax returns.

The employer or the other institution will be submitting most of the tax-related documents. This submission of documents has to take place before the 31st of January and therefore before this date, the statements should also be postmarked.

This, in turn, means that the taxpayers will have to get everything ready by the beginning of February.

The IRS has also recommended that once that once the taxpayers are ready for filing online then they must do the filing electronically and must request for the direct deposit of the refunds that will be generated.

The process of tax returns will be unaffected because of the government shutdown-IRS
Source: CDN

By doing so the tax refunds will be generated within three weeks which will be lesser the standard time of six weeks. Apart from that this will be safer when compared to getting a check in the form of a mail.

Tax Day 2019: What do the Experts say?

According to the experts, despite the shutdown of the government, the taxpayers must file online the tax returns before Tax Day 2019.

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The IRS had stated in a press release which took place this very week that the process of tax returns will continue exactly like it did the yesteryear despite the shutdown of the government.

This is against the reports that were published a few weeks ago which stated that because of the shutdown of the government the refunds will not take place timely.

Chuck Retti, the IRS Commissioner has stated that they are committed so as to ensure that the taxpayers get their refunds despite the shutdown of the government.

He further added that he also appreciates the hard work of all the employees. These employees have been committed to the taxpayers so as to ensure easy tax filing for 2019 as well as refunds.

Source: Time IncBusiness Insider