We usually believe that if a couple wants to be ideal, the man should be taller and the woman should be smaller. Well, do you know what? This theory is rubbish because there are tall women who are in a very happy relationship with their small partners. 

We understand it’s a little hard for you to accept this fact. That’s why we have compiled 13 couple pictures to show you that love is not bound to anything. Scroll down to see them. 

13. Those are some pretty people.

4 inches taller than my 5’2 king but over two years strong

12. And stylish, too!

24 years together, 3 kids, and a dog. 5’10 vs 5’6 and still so in love

11. Nowhere to go from there but up!

My smol boy is my favorite. The first compliment I ever gave him was that he was the least disappointing man I’d ever met, but I can definitely say that he’s the best as well.

10. So many good looking people out there!

Ayeeeee. 6ft and 5ft10, 7 years strong.

9. They’re definitely doing something right!

My mom is 5’6″ and my dad is 4’11” married for 35 years.

8. The woman who kicked off the thread bringing the truth.

Happily married to my 5’5” king for 8 years while y’all are getting ghosted by 6’2” alcoholics with 7th-grade reading levels but go off about how you only date tall men I guess.

7. He’s certainly learned how to smolder at the camera.

Ain’t nobody hotter than my 5’3” husband.

6. Hubba hubba I can see why!

this! I’m 5’6 and had a height requirement forever. My husband is 5’8, a brilliant IT in the Coast Guard, and so hawt (Michael Ealy/Sexy Criminal/Jesse Williams type). So glad I got over myself and found forever love with all 5 ft 8 inches of him.

5. Happiness like this is where it’s at.

My husband is standing on his tiptoes in this picture!

4. Love is all you need.

5’2″ here. My wife is taller and loves me incredibly much. She the best.

3. When you’re a match, you’re a match.

My husband is half an inch shorter than me (I’m 5’6 1/2) and I love him to bits (this is us tripping up the aisle at our wedding lol).

2. They’re in for the long haul!

6’2 and 5’5 and married for 21.5 years!

1. Think of all of the costume opportunities!

I’m 6’ and my boyfriend is 5’10” and he treats me like a fuckn QUEEN. here’s us at Halloween.

Is your significant other taller than you? If yes, don’t forget to share your adorable pictures with us.