Taboo Season 2 is probably going to be launched by 2020 and it is great news for all the Tom Hardy fans out there. The show has received a lot of praise because of the compelling story and Tom Hardy’s portrayal of James Delaney.

The show has dark and brooding drama which is the gripping element. Taboo is expected to receive two more seasons after the successful launch of the first one.  

Tom Hardy, Taboo Season 2 Everything About The Show That You Should Know!

What is Taboo about?

James Delaney (Tom Hardy), who is the protagonist of the show returns to England after spending more than a decade in Africa. He returns to attend his father’s funeral and goes on to investigate his mysterious death.

Daleney’s character has frequent flashbacks from his stay in Africa and it is shown beautifully. And he mostly has visions of supernatural stuff and African witchcraft. Taboo had made its premiere in January 2017 on BBC One.

Taboo Season 2 release date: When will the next series air?

Taboo Season 2 Everything About The Show That You Should Know!

Taboo Season 2 was supposed get launched back in 2018. But, it later got delayed because of some reasons that we are not aware of. Now, sources say that Taboo Season 2 might get released in 2020.

Taboo Season 2 cast, trailer and plot

Season 1 had ended with James and his allies sailing away to America. So, the second season might explore James’s story further. Also, Tom Hardy has dropped many hints that the story of the upcoming season might revolve around Colonnade.

So, we are expecting Tom Hardy and Jonathan Pryce to return for the second season as well. Pryce plays the role of the villain in the show and he does it extremely well.

Here’s Taboo Season 1 Trailer for those who haven’t watched this amazing series!