Face recognition software was used by a Swiss company to determine if Madeleine McCann and the Polish woman Julia Wandelt are the same person. Julia Wandelt, who is also known as Julia Faustyna, is waiting for the results of three DNA tests and a genetic test. Her claims have gotten a lot of attention from the media.

About a million people followed her @IamMadeleineMcCann Instagram account because they were interested in her supposed proof that she was the missing child who went missing in May 2007, 15 years ago. Since Madeleine’s story has gotten so much attention in the media, Google now shows a picture of Julia Wandelt when Madeleine’s name is searched. Reports say that when Julia Wandelt is searched, the words “Gerry McCann’s daughter” are shown next to a picture of her face.


Julia Wandelt’s assertionsJulia Wandelt

Julia Wandelt says she has coloboma in her right eye, which is the same rare eye condition that Madeleine had. When a piece of tissue is missing, the pupil gets messed up. Reports say that Julia Wandelt also talked about the freckles on her leg and cheek that were the same as the toddler’s when she went missing. Detective As reported by Edinburghlive, the person in charge of the case, Dr. Fia Johansson, went to Poland to look into Julia Wandelt’s claims and found that there were no medical records for the first five years of her life in Wroclaw, where she said she grew up.

Julia thought that her age wasn’t right, and the fact that Madeleine would be 19 instead of 21 proved her right. Dr. Johansson said that she is sure that Julia was trafficked into Poland as a child, whether she is Madeleine or not.


‘Practically impossible for the young Pole to be Maddie’

Face recognition technology was used by a Swiss company to disprove the claim, though. According to blick.ch, “face matching” technology was used by Ava-X to carefully look at photos of both girls.

The system, which was made to help police find criminals and reunite missing people with their families, couldn’t match the facial features of Julia and Maddie. Ava-X boss Christian Fehrlin told Blick,

It’s practically impossible for the young Pole to be Maddie,

as per a source.

When a picture of Pole as a child was compared to one of her as an adult, a match was found, but Madeleine’s picture didn’t match up. When questioned about the likelihood that Julia was Maddie, Fehrlin replied that he was 90% certain the two were different people.