After saying that no one showed up at her book signing, the sad story of an author has gone viral on social media.

On March 29, young adult author Suzanne Young was at a Phoenix, Arizona, First Draft Book Bar to sign copies of her new book, In Nightfall.

The 47-year-old author of the Program book series, which has been a New York Times bestseller, was upset because no one came to her signing.

She posted about the situation on Twitter, where he showed a picture of the empty seats and wrote,

If you ever want to see a career low point, this is it. Crying my entire way home.

The novelist wasn’t sad for long, though, because other writers came up to her and told her similar stories from their own lives.

Author Lija Fisher penned:

I was at an event with two other authors, nobody came, so we photoshopped in an adoring crowd You are definitely not alone in this experience!

The Sunday Times bestseller Miranda Dickinson comforted her by saying:

I did a library event where the two elderly ladies who turned up (and chatted loudly throughout) suddenly got up and walked out, leaving me alone with the librarian and 20 empty chairs. The librarian shrugged: ‘Their bus just arrived.’ It’s tough but you’re not alone. Big love!

Writer Damian Barr also added:

You are not alone. I mean, maybe you were there and then. But every author I know has faced the empty seats of doom. Onwards! I hope you feel better about it soon.

What started out as a sad story quickly turned into a thread of support and engagement, with many people on the platform buying a copy of “In Nightfall.”

Young tweeted this in response to the many good stories from other authors who could relate to her situation:

Genuinely, I didn’t know how common this was until now. I was so ashamed to post this picture, so ashamed.

But this outpouring of support has been incredible. I want to hug and show up for all of you from now on. THANK YOU. Thank you for sharing,

she concluded.

And in a second tweet, the author added:

I’m overwhelmed by your kindness and support! Thank you – thank you so much!! We have a new link to my dear local bookstore for signed copies of IN NIGHTFALL!

The author told NBC News that she was devastated by how few people came to her first book signing.

She said that she was going to take down her Twitter post about her experience until she saw how many people it helped and how much they could relate to her.

It really was just thousands of tweets of people saying they had experienced it or it was going to get better, and it was just pure kindness on the internet,

Young told the outlet.