Susan Andrews is rarely seen in public, which is the main reason why she is best known as Tucker Carlson’s wife. There isn’t much known about the couple’s lives, but Susan Andrews once narrowly avoided an immediate threat by hiding in her pantry while attackers tried to get into her home through the front door.

The TV anchor was able to finish school because her father helped her pay for it. Tucker Carlson, who is married to Susan Andrews, also comes from a less privileged background. Carlson was very interested in her while they were still in school, and when the time was right, he asked Susan Andrews to be his wife.

Carlson was in his last year of college when he and his wife got married in Rhode Island in the early 1990s. They had a great time on their honeymoon in Bermuda, and soon after, they started their own family. Susan Andrews was a stay-at-home mom while raising her four kids. She was married to a former co-host of “Fox and Friends Weekend,” so she didn’t work outside the home.

Tucker Carlson

Andrews and Carlson met for the first time when Carlson was 14 and going away to boarding school for the first time. Reverend George Andrews, her father, was the school’s headmaster. Carlson’s old classmates all had clear, funny memories of him when he was in school. On the other hand, Andrews had a warmer feeling when she thought about him.

His gait had an air of buoyancy about it. Even even then, he gave off an upbeat and happy vibe, as shown by the fact that he was wearing khaki trousers and a ribbon belt.

Carlson thought Andrews was “the prettiest tenth-grader in America,” and they started dating soon after. People say that Andrews’s partner was a “mediocre” student who had a hard time getting into college on his own.

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Carlson was able to go to Trinity College in Hartford because her father helped her and made the necessary arrangements. Carlson asked Andrews to marry him in the spring of 1991, six months before he was set to graduate. He said that his marriage proposal was “very 19th century,” but he thought it was a “wonderful thing to do.”

Susan Andrews quit her job so she could be a better mother and wife.

After getting married, the couple started a family. They now have a 27-year-old daughter named Lillie. Buckley, who is 25, Hopie, who is 23, and Dorothy, who is also 23, come in second and third, after Lillie. Andrews had given birth to all three of the couple’s children by the end of the 1990s. She used to teach at an Episcopal school, but she quit to focus on raising her children.

When their kids were younger, her husband was also there for them and would often read to them. In this way, many families read the Bill of Rights to their kids on Independence Day to teach them about how important the Constitution is. This is a tradition that most people like.

He would set off a firecracker after each individual liberty was read. Carlson would fly the American flag in the front yard of the Virginia farmhouse that he and his wife had fixed up in 1906. Carlson did this to teach his children to be patriotic. He thought it was very important for his children to value the rights they have as citizens and not take them for granted.

He admitted that patriotism was “so out of style” in modern society. Even though this was true, he thought it was safe because “they didn’t realize that” because they were young. Even though no one knows for sure when their youngest daughter was born, it was most likely in the early 2000s. Andrews said that she was impressed by how hard her husband worked as a parent.

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Tucker Carlson

He has such an inventive approach to things.

During the stormy times, when things were hard for them, Susan Andrews stood by her husband.

In 2005, Andrews’s husband started a show called “Tucker.” The show was popular at first, but it didn’t stay that way for long. Carlson went through a period of depression after the show was canceled. During this time, he worried about how he would provide for his family and how he would pay for them. Since the program was canceled, he was out of work, and his family would soon have to live in poverty.

The couple moved from Alexandria, Virginia, to Madison, New Jersey, but they were forced to move again. Now, they live in Washington, District of Columbia, with Neil Patel, an old friend of Carlson’s. Andrews didn’t leave Carlson’s side at any point during the whole phase.

Andrews’s father was the leader of a church group that was part of the Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice. She and Carlson both think of themselves as being part of the Anglican Communion and as Episcopal Christians. Carlson thanked his wife for helping him learn more about his faith, which made him take it more seriously.

In 2018, when Andrews was home alone with her family, she heard loud pounding and yelling at the front door. This was the family’s third scary experience in a row. At the time, Andrews was getting ready to go to dinner. She was so scared that she thought there was an intruder in the house, so she hid in the pantry and called the police.

It was good that none of their kids were at home, but Carlson had to go to work because he was going live on Fox News in two hours. Andrews called 911 and then sent her husband many texts to keep him up to date on what was going on after she had already called. What she thought was an invasion, on the other hand, was actually a protest.

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Carlson called Andrews, who told him that someone had broken the front door by pushing themselves against it. Smash Racism, an anti-fascist group, shared a video of the protest, which has since been taken down, in which the protesters said Carlson stirred up hatred. About 20 people came to the demonstration.

The group thought that hatred was a philosophy that led to the deaths of thousands of people and that Carlson’s platform “brought terror” into their homes. They used group chants to threaten the Fox News anchor, letting him know that they knew where he lived and that he was just as in danger as they were.

Carlson says that the protesters had signs with his address on them and asked him to leave. They took the signs with them as well. At the time, he was trying to figure out who was in charge of setting up the meeting, but he didn’t know who it was.

It was said that the police came within minutes of being told, and by the time the protesters left, the security around Carlson’s house had been stepped up. Megyn Kelly, who used to be a reporter for Fox News, came to Tucker Carlson’s aid in a tweet by saying that his family didn’t deserve to go through such a scary situation.