Surrounding Air Can Now Be Converted into Drinking Water!


    The winner of the Water Abundance Xprize might have solved the world’s most difficult shortage problem. On Sunday, The Sky source/Skywater Alliance earned a $1.5 million reward for their WEDEW (Wood to Energy Deployed Water) system.

    Source- IndiaMART

    The WEDEW system converts the air around us into drinking water using natural resources of power. The concept behind this conversion is similar to the phenomenon of rain. Cooling warm air and then condensing it in a tank. The system comprises of a biomass gasifier, which vaporizes wood and other organic materials. This heat energy is utilized to provide the necessary power to the system.

    This system also helps the environment. The gasifier uses dead biomass which otherwise releases a bulk of CO2 in the atmosphere. It also creates the perfect environment for water harvesting. The non-biomass version of the system is also in making. The prize will help the winners create the non-biomass model.


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