The View Point School of Calabasas, California gave a treat to its students and staff on Halloween morning. It so happened that Chad Smith turned out to be the dad of some students of the school. He was a drummer of a small band known as Red Hot Chili Peppers. The school management during the assembly on All Hallows’ Eve treated all to a grand concert by the Red Hot Chili Peppers band.

Will Smith wrote on Twitter that he rocked  his kids school with his band and played the numbers ‘Can’t Stop ‘ and ‘We do ‘. He further informed that each member of the band were dressed up for the occasion.

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He said that he himself was in Guy Fawkes’s make-up with Pope’s dress. Flea another member wore a skeleton body suit, Anthony had worn a schoolboy shorts along with a mask while his guitarist John had put on a green wig with sunglasses.

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