Surface Pro Alternatives 2020 ThinkPad X1, Galaxy TabPro S, Dell Latitude 7200, HP Elite Envy X2

Microsoft Surface Pro is one of the best laptop-tablet combinations but there are a lot of alternatives offering better specs at even a lower price. There are also a lot of upgrades, improvements, increased battery life, better keyboards and more features in many of the Surface Pro alternatives.

Along with that, there are some models which come with a pen and a keyboard, that you need to buy separately with the Surface Pro devices. Here are some of the best Surface Pro alternatives in 2020 as ThinkPad X1, Galaxy TabPro S, Dell Latitude 7200, HP Elite and HP Envy X2.

ThinkPad X1 Tablet

ThinkPad X1 Tablet

The ThinkPad X1 tablet comes with a 13-inch display, a tough and durable shell that has passed 12 military tests and Amazon’s Alexa personal assistant. The Windows 2-in-1 also comes up with Thunderbolt 3 ports for fast data transfers, a MicroSD card reader and a headset jack.

ThinkPad X1 Tablet can also detect 4,096 different levels of pressure from the digital pen and still the screen doesn’t distort. The best part about ThinkPad X1 is that it also supports LTE connectivity so you can use data from your mobile, which will never be possible in Surface Pro devices.

Samsung Galaxy TabPro S Convertible 2-in-1 Laptop

Samsung Galaxy TabPro S

Samsung Galaxy TabPro S is a perfect 2-in-1 tablet that can be paired with a keyboard cover just like the Surface Pro, but way lighter and slimmer. It comes with a 12-inch Super AMOLED touch display along with a 2,160 x 1,440 resolution which features bright and vibrant colors.

The best part is that you can connect your Samsung Galaxy smartphone with the Galaxy TabPro S tablet and check notifications, manage calls, and do so much more. The Galaxy TabPro S also provided 10.5 hours of battery backup and takes 2.5 hours to get fully charged, along with 5 MP front and back cameras and optional LTE variant model/

Dell Latitude 7200 2-in-1 Business Laptop

Dell Latitude 7200 2-in-1 Business Laptop

Dell Latitude 7200 is a perfect business laptop that provides an on-site repair facility. The Surface Pro tablets need to be sent at Microsoft service centers if any problem persists, but business users with crucial information won’t prefer that at all. It is so easy to repair the Dell Latitude series laptops and any trained can do the job and you won’t have to worry about backups and reinstalling programs.

The Dell Latitude 7200 laptops come with a 1920 x 1080 resolution 12.3-inch display screen and a camera that opens into the Windows 10. The other specs include 2 USB Type-C Thunderbolt 3 ports, a USB 3.1 port, nano-SIM and a MicroSD card reader.

HP Elite X2 and HP Envy X2

HP Elite X2 and HP Envy X2

HP Elite X2 is a full laptop wit heavy specs that come with the tablet form factor, detachable keyboard and pen. It is one of the best Surface Pro alternatives and offers 8th Gen Intel Core i7 processor and 4G LTE connectivity. Elite X2 comes with an integrated privacy screen so that one can look at what you are doing and it even charges up to 50 percent in just 30 minutes.

HP Envy X2 offers double the battery life of Surface Pro and can use the internet anywhere since it supports LTE connectivity. It’s more of a high-end smartphone rather than a laptop and comes with Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor and can work with AT&T, T-Mobile, and Verizon’s LTE network. Envy X2 offers 4GB of RAM and 128GB of storage along with a 13-megapixel rear camera and USB Type-C port.

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