Supernatural season 15: Release Date, Cast And Spoilers

The fans have been worried about Supernatural Season 15. There has been a lot of rumors that the 14th season was the last season for Supernatural. This had made a lot of fans uneasy and wait for the official announcement from CW.

Will Supernatural come back for the 15th season?

An announcement from CW means that the fans do not need to worry anymore. The fans can relax as CW has announced that the show will be coming back for Supernatural Season 15 after the renewal.

Supernatural season 15: Release Date, Cast And Spoilers
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This is the longest running fantasy show and has maintained a certain level of consistency throughout the series. The fans will hope that the fifteenth season is the same.

Supernatural Season 15 Spoilers

There is no official announcement for the date when the season will air. The fans still do not know when the show will release Supernatural Season 15 this year. As a fan, you know that Supernatural likes to release around the end of October so why would it be any different this time around? We are likely to get Supernatural Season 15 in October 2019.

Supernatural season 15: Release Date, Cast And Spoilers
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There is still a lot of speculation around the number of episodes that are going to be in Supernatural Season 15. There is a lot of speculation because there has not been a consistent amount of episodes across the seasons of Supernatural.

This allows a lot of room for speculation as there has been no official word about how many episodes will be there in Supernatural Season 15 as of yet. You can expect the main cast to still be here and no big surprises in that.