This year, Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade will be welcoming their newest member to the hot air balloon family. The world’s worst father and the world’s most powerful being, the Super Saiyan GOKU will be flying over the city this year.

The parade will feature the Blue Form of the Super Saiyan this year. This Godlike form first appeared in Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection F. This feature film showed how Goku transformed himself in a mesmering shade of blue and gained some never-seen-before strength. Goku is already recognized as the most powerful being in the universe, and this version of him is considered as the most powerful one. However, this year, the Super Saiyan will be all packed in helium and bringing families together for Thanksgiving.

Source- Cloudinary

The balloon will be roughly 36 feet wide, 70 feet long and 56 feet tall. It will be handled by over 100 people and will be flying over the streets of NYC.

Hope this news brings a smile in the face of all the New Yorkers. Till then, everyone just hold on to your seats as the next adventures of the Super Saiyan, Dragon Ball Super: Broly is coming this January.