Super Mario Maker 2

Nintendo the legendary Japanese video game developer is all set to release the sequel to Super Mario Maker solely on Nintendo Switch. Its been close to four years since the original debuted and now the video game maker is eyeing to announce the continuation the Super Mario Maker 2.

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The new game will hit the stores on June 28th. For select markets only.Super Mario Maker 2

Details regarding the new game were spotted on Twitter. Some fans leaked certain gameplay details concerning the new game coming on the Nintendo Switch, including Meowser and Charvaarghs.

Here Are Some GamePlay Screens

The above image shows that the new Mario Maker 2 draws inspiration from some other popular Mario games. The jungle-themed and space levels are borrowed from Super Mario Bros.

Super Mario Maker 2

As the name of the game suggests you can experience the game by creating the Mario courses yourself by using the course builder tool. You can even publish the self-made stages and let other’s enjoy them.

If you pre-order the game in either Europe or Japan, Nintendo will offer you a special pre-order bonus. Nintendo and certain retail outlets are offering a free stylus when you pre-order the Super Mario Maker 2. The stylus will come in handy when players try to create new stages.

You can get your hands on the Super Mario Maker 2 for Nintendo Switch on June 28, 2019.