Super Bowl Ticket Scam Fooling Users, here is How to Stay Safe and Buy Genuine Tickets

Super Bowl 2020 is happening this Sunday and a lot of people will be looking to get tickets for the Miami game. Since there are only 60,000 seats and over millions of NFL fans, tickets are always sold out. It gives the scammers and fraudsters a chance to fool innocent fans into buying fake tickets for the Super Bowl game.

Better Business Bureau (BBB) received more than 400 reports of Super Bowl ticket scam and the same can happen this year. Make sure you follow the simple tips to get genuine tickets and stay safe from the scams of Super Bowl LIV tickets. Here are some of the ways Super Bowl 54 ticket scam happens and a general guide to stay secure and purchase original tickets.

Super Bowl Ticket Buy Scams and Frauds

Super Bowl Ticket Buy Scams and Frauds

Super Bowl ticket scam happens easily after the tickets are sold on the internet as there are a lot of shady websites that could fool you into giving fake tickets in the name of cheap deals and offers. The scammers could also save your credit/debit card and bank information and use it to make money out of your accounts. There are so many rip-off tickets that looks just like the originals but are totally fake and could scam the Super Bowl fans.

How to Buy Verified Super Bowl Tickets?

How to Buy Verified Super Bowl Tickets

  • Get Super Bowl tickets from the stadium venue if possible, as the secondary agents are not reliable.
  • Purchase tickets from a trusted source, you can verify and dealer or broker at, and National Association of Ticket Brokers.
  • If you are buying Super Bowl 2020 tickets online, make sure you open the trusted website and check its credibility, do not open links that appears in ads and emails.
  • Always check the refund policy before purchasing any ticket, Super Bowl tickets are generally refundable after a nominal charge.
  • If possible, try credit cards for payments and only pay when you feel that the payment gateway is trusted and safe.
  • Don’t fall for cheap ticket offers and deals, always visit the official sources for Super Bowl tickets.
  • Even after purchasing the Super Bowl LIV tickets, you can verify it by calling at the stadium customer service and check the authenticity of your tickets.

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