TikTok users who used to work in the foodservice industry are banding together to let the world know that the worst customers are the ones who come in after church. According to the people who have to serve these people, they would not come out of the chapel feeling fulfilled and Christian.

The user explained that the problem was not the number of people who came to the diner, but the fact that the Sunday morning shifts were always worse. The problem was the specific kind of people who arrive at these eating establishments shortly after 11 am in big groups and treat everybody around them like garbage.



The TikTok user replied to another video saying that the “‘Sunday morning after church’ is the worst type of customer,” enthusiastically agreeing with that assessment.




“Absolutely, and I’m glad I’m not the only one who’s like recognized this,” they said. “I’ve said this before to my coworkers. Sundays were always the worst in the diner, not because of the sheer amount of people that show up for like Sunday brunch — it’s the sheer amount of people that show up after church, because they’re the worst human beings on Earth.”


Commenters agreed, with many service workers saying horror stories of post-church customers. The video poster provided their own story based on a comment that these folks will push their way through the crowded waiting area and then get astonished by the fact there is a 45-minute wait.




“My last day working at the diner, I was hosting, and I had like a five-minute argument with this old church lady ’cause she got to the front of the line and I told her it was gonna be like a 45-minute wait, and she went ‘no it’s not.’” And I go ‘yeah, it is, it’s gonna be 45 minutes, there’s a list.’ And she went ‘well, you have tables open.’”

It is difficult for some customers to clean off tables in between seated parties.

“And she went, ‘well, every time I come in here, I come in here every Sunday, every Sunday after church, and I get turned down at the door every time. Why do you suppose that is?’ And I went ‘it’s Sunday. Our busiest day of the week.’”

You would think that a fine Christian lady would be happy to hear that a lot of other people are going to church on Sundays.

They want to become the worst customers of all time.

“A group of 20 brunch ladies showed up, verbally abused me/made me cry, and then left one of those bible pamphlets that look like money as a tip,” wrote one commenter on the first video.

“I’m an opener at Panera. I open every Sunday. It’s Hell on Earth,” said another. “Church people are MEAN. How they have the energy to be angry at 9 am is beyond me.”

Jesus is not happy with these customers.