Sudan is currently facing a major issue between the local people and the government backed by military forces. Recently, more than 100 innocent Sudanese civilians were killed while protesting at Khartoum, the capital city. The protesters were peacefully gathered at the gates when the military open fired on them.

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As per the reports, around 118 people are dead and many more are injured and shifted into hospitals. It has been around 10 days since the tragic incident, but the world has only come to know of it now. Let us find out how it started, what happened and why the world media is trying to cover the whole issue.

How did the Sudan Crisis start?

Sudan has a history of tyrant presidents, and democracy is kind of a joke in the country. President Al-Bashir due to his impractical decisions collapsed the economy of the country. People of Sudan wanted to remove him from power after he increased fuel prices and removed subsidies.

After which, countrywide demonstrations and protests started in order to end the 30-year ruling state of Bashir. On April 6, protesters gathered outside the military headquarters and President Bashir was removed on April 11. But the hope of democracy was still not provided, which angered the public of Sudan.

Why was it hidden by the Media?

Most of the world population is shocked that they learning about this tragedy 10 days later. The political crisis of Sudan took the lives of innocents on June 3, and the whole world was unaware of it. It shows how much of a tyrant the government and military are in Sudan. New reports have also revealed that most of the protesters were women and children. Young kids were massacred mercilessly by open firing from the military of Sudan.

Powerful nations are trying to undo the damage. Canada has offered to help Sudan in every way possible, while other African countries have also come in support. It is expected that soon there will be peaceful negotiations and a solution to the whole issue will be found.