A change that is supposed to be permanent in upcoming years- is the ultimate rise in earth’s average temperature by half degree confirmed by climate scientists. They have stated by looking at facts and data that has been collected so far regarding Global warming. Climate has changed drastically after Industrial Revolution took place. Hence, our future is in danger as Global warming is on the top list of environmental pollution issues.


It has been assumed by scientists that, historical values if raised so by the emission of harmful gases at progressing rate then the after-effects/consequences will have to be faced by the biodiversity, flora-fauna and humans all over the world.

National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine (NAS), has studied the climatic changes till date and has come up with an idea of reusing back the CO2 present in the atmosphere. The suggested plan so reported is named as “negative-emissions technologies”, as there is huge amount of carbon dioxide present around us and due to global warming, rather than emitting out of earth’s layer gases are captured in the environment.

Thus, for reducing the carbon dioxide level which will require huge source and energy as well, reports from various organization are willing to contribute but it need funds which need to be in hands soon to make the change back to normal because the consequences are already being felt.

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Till now varieties of strategies has been implemented so far which are less effective and looking at the increase rate of emission of gases simultaneously increase in the population of using technologies ,gadgets and automobiles further new more effective approaches are intended to implement.

Many reports from different sources are in favor of saving nature and biodiversity in order to save the earth. Though not a bad idea but the pace estimated may not be enough naturally but a report says- a fellow at Columbia University’s Center on Global Energy Policy has planned a way out of using technology that directly sucks out carbon-dioxide from the atmosphere using machines.

Source – Business Insider India