According to you, what happens with us when we die? You can take a wild guess. So, what’s your throught? Still clueless? Well, here’s a piece of scientific fact. 

Certain studies have revealed that once we are dead, we stay conscious for a long time to know that we are actually dead.

The Great Debate Around Near-Death Experiences

The experience of being close to passing but being brought back to life has caused much debate in recent science. Science says that physical experience coincides with a brain that’s fading. It’s the neurochemical response to a brain deprived of blood and oxygen.

Our Bodies Shut Down Gradually, Not All At Once

Scientists Suggest That Consciousness Might Survive

Researchers in New York recently moved closer to answering the question of what happens after we die – at least, in the immediate sense.

But What Is Consciousness?

Consciousness, in the simplest definition, is awareness. However, the neuroscience behind awareness is not well understood – at least not as well understood as neuroscientists would like.

And What Is The Medical Definition Of Death?

Medically, expiration occurs when the heart stops circulating blood. When the heart stops pumping blood to the rest of the body, the brain ceases to function.

The New Evidence That Proves Consciousness After Passing

Patients Describe Watching Doctors And Nurses Attempt To Resuscitate Them

How Is Continued Consciousness Possible?

Did The Patients Actually Pass, Or Is The Study Being Too Technical?

What Are The Scientific Implications Of Continued Consciousness?

What Can This Tell Us About The Meaning Of Consciousness?