On his graduation day, a newly graduated student cried because his parents let him down and did not show up.

Jeric Rivas’ biological family disappointed him, but God did not.

He opened up on social media about how he felt his parents were never truly present for him during important times in his life.

He is a hardworking and diligent student, but whenever he received a school award, his family was not present.

Jeric mentioned that when he was in elementary school, he received a medal for receiving first place in his class, but no one from his family was present at the award ceremony.

In another high school ceremony, he had a friend send their parents up on stage with him.

With no encouragement from his family, he decided to leave his hometown to pursue a Bachelor of Science in Criminology. Jeric was determined to finish his education and worked as a factory worker, fast-food employee, and even house cleaner to pay for his own tuition at a prestigious school.

Jeric just wanted his family to be there on his graduation day to see him receive his diploma, but that was not to be.

He described the heartbreaking moment on social media: “I just felt like my tears were dripping, I just sat on the side,” he wrote, “I feel jealous.”

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Even as he sobbed on the side of the stage, God was planning something wonderful for him.

One of Jeric Rivas’ professors, who was aware of his hard work and the fact that no one from his family attended his graduation ceremony, decided to do something unexpected.

When Jeric walked up to the stage to receive his diploma, his professor greeted him with a big hug.

He was not alone; he had the support of his teachers and classmates, all of whom were extremely proud of him.

Jeric took to social media to thank everyone who helped him and even thanked his parents for his success; he received messages of encouragement and love from people all over the world.

Jeric was the first in his family to graduate, but he was left unhappy by parents who did not value his accomplishment. However, God provided support for him from unexpected strangers, leaving him feeling good on his big day.