Are you a follower of the famous Showtime show Billions? Let’s just give you a brief idea of the show.

Billions is about a billionaire hedge-fund manager, Bobby “Axe” Axelrod and his foil Charles “Chuck” Rhodes Jr. Axe bets on the failure of a certain company and that’s how he made a fortune. Even if the company seems to survive, he makes sure that it doesn’t. This is the reason why Rhoades, a worshipper of the law, wants to bring Axe to justice. The show is a continuous one on one battle between Axe and the SEC.

One of the writers at The Verge, Sean O’Kane pointed out some striking similarities between Axe and the real-life billionaire Elon Musk. Keeping the article short, we will just tell you the parallels between Axe and Tesla CEO.

Source- Showtime

1. Both of them are billionaires.

2. The SEC thinks that Axe has committed security fraud, and The SEC has investigated Elon Musk for the same.

3. Rhoades tried to bring in a case against Axe, whereas the SEC has filed charges against Musk at SDNY.

4. Both of them initially walked away from the settlement but then ended up making a deal.

5. Both of them have an advisory session with Mark Cuban on how to settle the charges.

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6. Both are twitter addicts.

So, did Showtime actually has Elon Musk in mind while writing Bobby Axelrod?

Source- The Verge