What you sow you reap – you all must have heard the proverb. Here is an incident about stray dogs who was kicked by a badass car driver. Morally there are many ways of keeping dogs away into the parking spots. But this cruel driver chooses to kick a stray dog for his way out.

Eventually, the car driver received what he deserved. This inhuman driver doesn’t seem to like dogs at all. He is among those people who just treat dogs like crap They abuse them and expect them not to retaliate because it’s not in their nature to do so.

stray dog

Now, this called karma. The dog got so angry that he returned with his bunch of friends for revenge. Now you all must be thinking about the man so wait, the dogs did no harm to him.

Instead, those angry dogs attacked the man’s most prized possession – his car.

Reports claim that the incident happened in Chongqing, China

The man feels that how can the dog lie down in a spot reserved for the man’s car to be parked. It was definitely not the place for the dog to hang out, is what he thought. So he decided of kicking him as it’s just a stray dog – according to the reports.

That man eventually faces the consequences of his own cruel action. Those furry canines were so clever that they even had a lookout for their safety.


The man after mistreating parked his car and went home. Then after a few hours, the neighbours were shocked to see the view. The dog with his friends came back and completely destroy the man’s car. These dogs even chomped through the car’s metal fenders. They also chewed the car’s windshield wipers.

dog and car

The neighbors were truly amazed to have been able to witness something like this. Even the man will not be clueless that how his car got those dents.