If you want something, you gotta follow it till the end. You have to be determined as it is one of the best qualities that can help you get success. You don’t agree? No worries, we have got proof. 

It’s the story of a stray dog in Brazil that was adopted by a loving family and got a great job. Yep, you have read it right! A dog got a job and that too just by being himself and showing himself daily. 

This happened when one of the staff at a Hyundai Prime dealership observed that an adorable stray dog was coming to their location daily. He thought that the dog might stop coming after a couple of days or weeks. But that does not happen and now, that dog is hired by the same dealership. He is also named as Tucson Prime. And guess what? Tucson has even got his own ID card. That’s so amazing. 


This super cute and super adorable stray dog was adopted back in May. However, this incredibly amazing story grabbed attention when the official Instagram account of Hyundai Brazil posted the pictures of their new employee. Tucson is a “pupper consultant”. 

Initially, the employees of Hyundai Brazil just thought of giving refuge to this stray dog. But when they saw how friendly, warm, welcoming, amazing Tucson is, they thought of giving him a position that he truly deserves. And now, it’s official. 

The showroom manager Emerson Mariano in an interview with Top Motors Brazil, a media outlet said that the presence of their new employee has only received positive feedback. He further says that thanks to Tucson’s “very caring and docile nature”, which has created a friendly environment in their organization.

Mariano also said that this adorable dog can easily make people fall in love with him. That’s why after purchasing a car from the showroom, people often return to meet Tucson and give him gifts. 

Mariano also told about how he thought of giving shelter to this stray dog. He says it was a rainy night and he was feeling sorry for him. Then all he did was invite him in and gave him food. 

It was Mariano who proposed the idea of making this dog a mascot and then adopted him. 

He further says “After all, the company has always been pet friendly, so now, we decided to embrace this idea in practice too, having our own pet precisely at a more complicated time like this with so many abandoned animals,” 

After Tucson was started, he was taken to a vet so that he can get the dose of vaccines that he needs. So now, this dog is healthy and ready to greet people who come to this showroom. The most amazing thing about this entire scenario is that it is expected Tucson might star in the national advertising campaign for Hyundai. 

Here’s how people reacted to this lovely pup: