If you are a soccer fan, you would know the excitement of seeing your favorite team winning and you might also know a few other things about this game. But what you don’t know is that sometimes players need a little motivation and direction to understand the right way of running on the ground. 

Wait, you don’t believe that? No worries because we have found some proof, or we can say woof. Confused? Oh, well don’t be. This incident took place on December 24th between The Strongest and Nacional Potosí match at the Hernando Siles Stadium in La Paz, Bolivia. The little dog that we are talking about stole the show and was later carried off filed by Raúl Castro, a player from the home team. 

Sadly, this is not it. there is more to the story. You can scroll down to know it.

A stray dog went viral for interrupting a soccer match in Bolivia

He was running around for three minutes while chewing on the substitute goalkeeper’s shoe

The dog named “Cachito” refused to give up his moment of glory and treated players’ attempts to subdue him as belly rubs

A player from the home team, Raúl Castro, eventually caught the pooch and carried him off the pitch

Unfortunately, a few days after the match, the dog was found in poor condition after being struck by a vehicle

The dog was rescued by a local shelter and is slowly recovering

After hearing the news, Raúl Castro, who escorted Cachito out of the stadium, decided to adopt the pup. As soon as he returns from the next game