Stranger Things Season 3 will have the greatest fan service ever


    Stranger Things Season 3 has been officially confirmed and will on Netflix this year. So we are going to see some more supernatural action. The show features a rendition of everything 80s. The Duffer brothers introduced us to three boys who show us what the 80s were about in their own ways.

    And they are, Jonathan Byers, Steve Harrington and Billy Hargrove. Billy was introduced in the second season of Stranger things. And he established himself as the baddie almost immediately.

    Stranger Things Season 3 might bring Steve and Jonathan together against Billy

    Steve and Jonathan in Stranger Things Season 3

    However, we might get to see Steve and Jonathan teaming up against Billy in Stranger Things Season 3. And the three boys have interesting histories with one another.

    Steve Harrington was introduced as the charming, chocolate boy of the school. He gets into a relationship with Nancy Wheeler and it almost feels that he did that just to get into her pants. He is shown as a typical careless, high school jock. But, as the story progresses, Steve’s character development gets a boost and his bonding with Dustin steals the show.

    Jonathan Byers is the exact opposite. A loner, great brother and a quiet good boy. He filled his father’s shoes for Will, his little brother and has always looked out for him.

    Although, no one really spoke to him and Steve and his gang even bullied him, he managed to get through to Nancy. And they ultimately got together. But, Jonathan really showed the wild side to his good boy image when it came to fighting the demogorgon.

    What to expect from Stranger Things Season 3?

    A Stranger Things fan commented on Reddit that they would like to see Steve and Jonathan vs Billy. But, things would get more interesting because defeating Billy would not be easy. There are chances that the mind flayer would infest Billy’s body in Stranger Things Season 3.

    Stranger Things Season 3 might bring Steve and Jonathan together against Billy

    The creators of the show had said,

    “Billy would have had a much bigger role. But, we had so many characters in the show that we ended up getting cluttered. A lot of it will get features in the third season though.”

    Stranger Things 3 will release on Netflix on 4 July 2019.



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