Today, we are going to discuss Talia Ray, daughter of Larry Ray, and tell a scary true crime story about her. What’s she doing now? Was she found guilty of anything?

The Hulu documentary series Stolen Youth: Inside the Cult at Sarah Lawrence tells the horrifying story of Larry Ray, a convicted felon who manages to get into his daughter Talia Ray’s college dorm room and manipulates her friends into a s*x cult.

Everyone who has seen the true crime documentary has been shocked by it. The only question that keeps coming up is about his devoted daughter, Talia. This short story will tell you where Talia is now.


Who is Larry Ray’s daughter Talia Ray?

Talia Ray - Where Larry Ray's Daughter These Days? Everything You Need to Know

Talia Ray is Larry Ray’s daughter. There seems to be some disagreement about when she was born. Some sources say she is now 32 years old, while others say she is actually a year older.

Talia went to Sarah Lawrence College, and she and her friends lived in the dorms. In 2010, when her dad got out of jail, she made arrangements for him to stay at the dorm. Talia seemed to care a lot about her father, and her friends didn’t think he was dangerous.

But this arrangement led to him acting in a strange way and controlling the girls in a cult-like way, which led to his eventual convictions.

Talia’s home life was also controversial, and she would talk openly about how her mother abused the children. Talia would defend her father by saying that he had saved her and her sister from their mother.


Where is Larry Ray’s daughter Talia Ray now?

Talia Ray was a paralegal in Durham, N.C., when her father was arrested in 2020. Talia did not have an official place of residence, but it is possible that she still lives in North Carolina. It has been said that she stays in Pinehurst, near where her stepfather, Gordon Ray, lives.


Was Talia Ray convicted for anything?

There was a lot of debate about the case, and depending on your source of information, Talia may or may not have been involved in the whole messed up situation. Some people believe that Talia is just her father’s latest victim. Others, on the other hand, think that Talia was well aware of what her father had done and took advantage of it. Talia Ray was never found guilty of a crime in this case.


Does Talia Ray have Instagram?

From what we can tell, Talia Ray is not on Instagram. She used to have a Facebook profile, but it hasn’t been used in a long time. But it does look like she has a Twitter account. @talia_ray is her Twitter handle.

Her bio on Twitter reads,


This message is for her younger sibling, whom she hasn’t spoken to in a long time. There also seems to be a LinkedIn page, but it doesn’t have any information on it.