Your pets are a part of your family. Just like we panic when our child goes out missing. In the same way, our world turns upside-down when a pet is missing from the house. From registering a complaint in the police station, putting out posters of missing out, and letting everyone on social media know of their absence, we do it all.

A dog named Zeus, a pit bull mix and lives in Butte, Montana, was stolen in October. Along with some of his owner Cassandra’s things as well. Fortunately, it turned out that it was a ‘friend’ who robbed Cassandra. The great thing is that he was 2,000 miles away about a week ago, and Zeus was still with him!

The long journey was supported by Many Paws Volunteer Transport which coordinated the canine’s journey across the US, as well as the Kanawha Charleston Humane Association, which posted updates about the dog’s trip. It took over a dozen volunteers (or “30 legs and 3 sleepovers”

Zeus the dog was stolen and ended up 2,000 miles away. It took 15 volunteers (or “30 legs”) to get him back home

The doggo was stolen back in late October and came back home only in December


The doggo’s owner used FaceTime to confirm that it was her good boy who was found 2,000 miles away



Zeus, the dog was very heavy in weight. He weighs nearly 73kgs, it was out of the question to put him on a flight to send him to his owners. That’s when volunteers started to offer help.

A relay of volunteers drove Zeus for 4 days across 9 states



15 drivers relay, 4 days and 9 states took Zeus to reunite with his family.

Zeus was incredibly happy to be reunited with his owner and her kids


“It’s wonderful. This is a great experience, a great opportunity to show the people and communities across the United States offering to help, jumping on this—to help reunite this dog with its family,” one of the volunteers with Many Paws Volunteer Transport, Jenn Robles, us.

Here’s a video that goes into more detail about Zeus’ journey

It is beyond words to say what the reunion looked like. We would just say that it was magical.

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