One of the worst feelings in the world is having a dog go missing. It causes a lot of distress for the owner and the dog if the dog ran away or got distracted and lost along the way.

This woman lost her dog too until she did some investigative work and found out her beloved dog was not lost but was taken from her own yard by a neighbor who assumed he was a stray.

You can guess how angry she was. Enough to share her story on the internet go crazy.


When you find out that your dog went missing due to your neighbor, it is much worse.

A 21-year-old woman and proud owner of Mickey, a 12-year-old Akita that she has had for all these twelve years went to Reddit to share a strange experience she had.

The woman and her dog live in a gated neighborhood. Mickey could usually be found inside the yard area. Everyone knew who the owner of Mickey was.


A woman online shared her story of how her neighbor took her dog because it looked like a stray.

The dad saw Mickey and the woman on one of their walks after new neighbors moved in. Mickey was trained to walk a bit further away from OP, off a leash, but never show aggression towards anyone. Because of the way he was trained.

The father thought he looked like a stray, but the woman explained that Mickey is her companion and is trained that way. That was all.

Mickey went missing. OP started posting missing dog notices online and was looking for him in the neighborhood.

She went to the doorstep of the new neighbors. The door was opened by the mom. The mom expressed her sympathies when the dad passed by and said to tell her about the dog.

The mom did not think that it was anything, but she decided to open up the gate to the other side of the house and take the dog because it looked like a stray that needed a home.

She said that she had given the dog to a friend and she dashed down to the friend to collect Mickey because she was too excited to care about what was actually theft. She explained the situation and got her dog back.

In the future, the two moms rant about her, how she dared to take away a dog from a kid. And was not willing to let someone else have a turn with the dog. The women manipulated the story to no end.

She explained to the new neighbor that Mickey is not a toy. And that they took someone’s dog from someone else’s property. She was called the bad guy for cursing the woman out in front of her kids and causing the emotional stress she is not fit to deal with.


A huge update post was posted after the woman’s original post prompted a lot of questions.

The AITA audience was torn about this one. We had everyone siding with the dog owner, saying that the neighbor stole the dog and gave it to someone. This is the reason for a police report, but there are people who think this type of behavior is insane.

Where were the people who said everyone is at fault? The reasons for the theft are the same, but the culprit was also blamed for not having a leash on the dog, as Akitas are very defensive of their owners and could attack someone.

It all turned out for the best, as the community helped her make the decision to go with a police report on her neighbor, as OP gave a huge update, clarifying the situation even further. This also includes getting a leash and listening to other recommendations.


One side of the community supported her, and the other thought everyone was to blame.

The post, which you can check out in its entirety here and here, got over 11,000 upvotes and 30 awards, generating over 1,300 comments of discussions and verdicts. We want to hear your thoughts on this in the comment section.


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