In a pristine Star Trek arrangement for CBS and with Patrick Stewart set to repeat his job as Jean-Luc Picard All Access,  Kate Mulgrew, the other Starfleet skippers in the establishment is prepared to venture back onto the scaffold again if the open door emerges.



Mulgrew showed up at Destination Star Trek Birmingham Saturday where she talked about her time as Janeway on Star Trek: Voyager. The occasion was tweeted by the official Star Trek twitter profile which shared her remark that she’d be up for “putting her space suit back on” for a motion picture with her, William Shatner (James T. Kirk) and Stewart.


Credits: Time


Regardless of whether it’s a film or possibly a scene of the new Picard TV appear, we can just envision the epic adventure these three chiefs would strongly unite for yet sign us up, Captain! She likewise  spoke about how Janeway “thought outside the box” and how that time in Hollywood “was especially a young men club.” Mulgrew additionally affirmed that like her Star Trek partner, she adores espresso.

Source: Comic Book