Star Trek Discovery Season 3

Star Trek Discovery Season 3 is coming soon on CBS All Access. Here’s all about who will return for another season.

According to sources, Rebecca Romijn and Anson Mount will be bidding farewell as Number One and Christopher Pike at the end of the previous season. This was all a part of an intergalactic plan and there’s nothing scandalous about it.

What will be the future of Rebecca Romijn and Anson Mount?

Star Trek Discovery Season 3: Who stays and who leaves
Credits: TV Over Mind

The two actors were initially brought on board in order to line up the story of Discovery with the original story of Star Trek. It was imminent to know about these characters to understand the story better. Mount did a phenomenal job and it would be good to see some more of him. Romijn’s role wasn’t as high-profile, but she added a lot to the show.

The future of these two characters is not certain yet, but this is all that we can predict at the moment for Star Trek Discovery Season 3.

What to expect in Star Trek Discovery Season 3?

There’s still a lot of time left to contemplate what lies ahead for us. Nevertheless, there’s a lot in store for the fans in Star Trek Discovery Season 3. Probably, the creators want the viewers to get surprised when the first trailer comes out.

There are some episodes still left before the ongoing season comes to a conclusion. So it is quite soon to make any predictions about how will the audience react or what will we get to see. Don’t forget to share this news.