Do you have an idea of the number of people, especially women and young girls who fall into the hands of human traffickers each year? Well, it’s a lot. And honestly, sometimes, it gets a little overwhelming to keep a track of the numbers as so many cases are underreported. 

The main reasons that people are trafficked so that they can be forced to marry someone they don’t want to. We know it’s sad but it is the horrific reality of this world. 

But hopefully, a UK-based charity called “Karma Nirvana,” has come up with a great idea. This charity asks the victim to use the “metal spoon technique” to alert the authorities that they are in danger. This technique includes hiding of spoon in your underwear. When a person hides the spoon, the airport metal detectors send a signal to the authorities. And they then take the person with them. At that time, the victim can tell everything in a safe way. 

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Hiding a metal spoon in underwear will trigger airport detectors and will show the authorities that the victim is in danger

To understand more about this thing, we have talked to Anup Magnota. He is the operations manager at Karma Nirvana. He says that “the call handler reacted instinctively and started to put a spoon in her underwear and whilst going through security at the airport, she will have the opportunity of speaking to someone privately and disclose that she does not want to leave the country because of a forced marriage.”

“As we will aim to work with partners to ensure a victim is removed from an abusive situation before.”

The metal spoon technique came to the spotlight on social media after one person shared it in a Twitter thread

Anup explained that “they experience constant surveillance by their perpetrators, who often are parents or their partner. We receive contacts via email, as it’s a safer way of seeking help”. “Victims have managed to call for help when they went for a walk or call when the perpetrator was out of the home.”

“Victims can dial 55 when speaking to the police to alert them they are a victim of domestic abuse. This will trigger a response to the address to get the victim away safely.”

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Other people joined the thread

“Over lockdown, since 23 March, we have supported 1371 people in the UK that are suffering honor-based abuse, at risk of forced marriage and domestic abuse,” Anup explained.

The idea came from this UK charity that supports victims of abuse and forced marriage

“A case is never closed on the helpline and our service will remain open regardless of where the victim is in the journey. Sometimes a victim will want to just speak to someone as they feel very low and require emotional support, which has increased significantly over the lockdown.”

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