South Park season 22 concluded on 12 December 2018. Since then, fans have been speculating eagerly about the release date of the next season.

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A few months ago, there were rumors that there might not be a season 23 at all. But back in 2015, showrunners had announced that South Park will run for at least 23 seasons. So it is certain that one more installment will be released, but beyond that, nothing is sure.

Raising controversial issues

South Park season 23South Park is famous for raising controversial issues and talking about things that are deemed politically incorrect in today’s climate. Although it is an animated show, it is not meant for children because of the sensitive topics it talks about, including racism, gun laws, and usage of the ‘n-word’.

Because of its tendency to call things out, South Park has gotten in trouble several times. But that is what makes it popular among its fans. Use of dark humor is a running theme in the show, along with offensive slangs and repetitive usage of the C-word. The show often crosses lines in its portrayal of current issues, making it a controversial yet widely beloved show,

South Park Season 23 Returning in September

South ParkFans can expect the 23rd season of South Park to return this year in September. The voice cast of the show will remain the same – Matt Stone and Trey Parker, who have also written the show, will voice the male characters.

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