Soulja Boy Crank That Beef with Drake

    Soulja Boy’s Game Consoles have come to a halt
    Soulja Boy in the music video of crank that

    A wise, great man once said that the world people belong to, either crank that Soulja Boy or get cranked. In the past month, no one in the world has successfully cranked up Soulja Boy. That doesn’t mean Soulja Boy can’t crank himself off.

    Fortnite cranked up Soulja Boy

    Soulja Boy inspired Fortnite Dance

    Crank or don’t crank, Soulja Boy is cranked

    Since a few months, the 28-year-old rapper has been enjoying paparazzi a lot. And he has also been promoting various lines of products which exists, according to him. It’s impolite to crank and joke about the Soulja Boy.

    The rapper has been violently defending his place in the history of hip-hop. Soulja Boy has managed to cook up a perfect idea to go down in the hip-hop history. Create beef with other rappers who are alive and doing well in the industry, the path Soulja Boy is following.

    SouljaBoy talked about Drake in the radio show of The Breakfast Club

    Drake ripped off Soulja Boy in an interview

    Soulja Boy still enjoying his good old days

    Soulja Boy appeared on The Breakfast Club of FM Station Power 105.1. In the radio show, Soulja Boy went after the Kiki singer, Drake. This might be the most ambition marketing strategy that no celebrity has ever conducted. Back in 2018, the Crank That singer released around five albums and mixtapes. And the sad news is none of his work made a difference in the world.

    One of the raps of Soulja Boy was based on Bitcoin where the rapper racks talk about the cryptocurrency. The lyrics of the rap goes like “made 100 racks.” Soulja Boy might not receive additional revenue streams for maintaining his Pretty Boy Swag. And there is a highly likely chance that he is not going to succeed in the venture.

    Soulja Boy's Tyga Rant Inadvertently Sparks Social Media Challenge

    Soulja Boy cranking off the cigarette

    Back in 2018 on 7th December, Soulja Boy described his exceptional entrepreneurial ambitions to the Rolling Stone magazine. He also released a gaming console and a watch that brought bad news to the rapper.

    On 11th December, Soulja boy began the era of SouljaTech, and it is currently dead in the water. Well, things are bad for Soulja Boy.

    Source: GQ, XXL Mag

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