Sony PlayStation 5 price

Sony is playing with a double-edged sword as the date for PlayStation 5 revelation is coming up. Currently, the main competitors of Sony, Microsoft, and Google have already revealed their plans for their upcoming consoles. These revelations could help Sony in deciding their pricing strategy for PS5 against its competitors.

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Sony PlayStation 5 vs Xbox and Google Stadia

Let’s have a look the key features being offered by Microsoft and Google and how would they affect Sony’s PlayStation 5.

Microsoft has revealed that their Xbox Scarlett project will offer two different variants at two different price points. These two variants are Xbox Anaconda and Xbox Lockhart.

According to the reports, Xbox Anaconda is a full-blown console packing fantastic hardware that can compete with any other offering in the market. It will be a pricer variant of the Xbox Scarlett family.


On the other hand, with Xbox Lockhart, Microsoft is also trying to foray into the cloud gaming industry. Xbox Lockhart’s horsepower is equivalent to the current Xbox One. This console will use Microsoft xCloud Project to stream games to the player.

Google announced its gaming service called Google Stadia that will use Google’s infrastructure to stream games. The pricing of Stadia service is unclear, but it will be priced similar to Xbox Lockhart.

Google Stadia

From these revelations, it is clear that Microsoft is trying to take on both Google Stadia and Sony’s PlayStation 5.

How Sony plans to combat Google and Microsoft?

Even though no announcement or leak has hinted that Sony is working on a cloud gaming service, the possibility cannot be ruled out.

However, Sony’s PlayStation 5 has many things to offer when it comes to a traditional console.

PlayStation 5 will offer performance similar to the Xbox Anaconda, but it has some other things under its sleeves.

Sony Playstation 5 price

In a recent interview, PlayStation CEO has confirmed the long-rumored backward compatibility. This feature would allow players to play older games on the new PlayStation 5.

Another rumored feature is the addition of VR capabilities to the console.

Sony can beat its competitor with the advantage they have, the only thing they need to do is to price their PlayStation 5 smartly.