According to some sources, Song Hye Kyo got to know about the submission of the divorce application through the divorce statement of Song Joong Ki. This came as a warning to Kyo who wasn’t aware of it and found out about it from the news.

Apparently, Joong Ki filed the divorce through his lawyer and didn’t even inform his wife about it. Song Hye Kyo got the information about the divorce case a day after it was filed when she returned from a photoshoot in Thailand.

In his divorce statement, Song Joong Ki said,

Rather than lengthening the process by considering each other’s faults and deriding each other, I hope to complete the divorce amicably.

Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Kyo reason for divorce were irreparable mistakes on both ends
Source: CTV News

The main motive behind his divorce statement was to warn Song Hye Kyo from circulating any rumours or lies about their marriage or any other background information. If Kyo indulges in any such thing, then he would straight away reveal everything.

The report revealed that Song Joong Ki’s lawyers were trying to negotiate a divorce in a speedy manner without asking for alimony from Song Hye Kyo.

Credits: Business Times

Their divorce mediation procedure may begin in a month and is expected to be finalized by August. An alleged acquaintance revealed that the couple separated earlier in May this year.

The couple does not reside at their newlywed home. The two lived in Hye Ko’s leased house since the time they got married. Song Joong Ki refuses to go into the depth of the mistakes made by them. It is assumed that both of them were at fault. UAA Korea explained that their differences pushed them to make this decision.

Source: Business Times, E Online