A child can show their love for their parents in any way they want. There is no defined way to make them happy. You can make small gestures or put a smile on their face. Calling them often and asking how are they doing, or giving them a cup that says ‘world’s best farther or mother’. Well, while some choose to keep it simple, other people go out of their way to do something crazy and fun.

A guy named Matt Bonito decided to do something unique for his dad, Dom Bonito.

Matt started to create photoshops around his father, placing him in different locations, movie scenes and historical events. The pictures Matt creates are quite funny and always catch you by surprise. And Dom can become what, perhaps, he wanted to be someday—an actor, singer, politician. Well, he at least at a good laugh seeing the wonderful images and appreciate his son for making all the efforts.

Scroll down to take a look at these creative pictures.



Matt told Hiptoro more about when and how he started to create these photoshops: “I started doing it about 6 or 7 years ago, just taking pictures of my dad messing about around the house and posting it on Facebook. My dad used to be a teacher at the local high school, which makes him a bit of a local celebrity where he lives. The posts became really popular among my (and his) friends. I then came up with the idea of inserting him into famous historical images, and then films and TV programs.”


“He absolutely loves doing it and looks forward to it every year, even though it’s quite a lot of work to put together, but he’s a performer at heart, so he really enjoys himself (and the attention he gets!)”



Matt shared with us how his dad reacted when he saw the very first photoshop he created: “The first year of doing it was just pictures of him doing silly things around the house, and we didn’t start photoshopping until the second year. He thought it was a great idea, though, and looks forward to it as much as anyone else.”




“My dad used to be a teacher at the local high school, and was quite a popular one, which is why so many people were initially excited by the idea, although he’s in his 80s now and long since retired. Beyond that, he’s a musician and has been playing regularly since the ’60s, and has done a lot of local theatre over the years, so he’s a performer at heart, which is why he always enjoys ‘acting’ for the pictures every year,” said Matt when asked to tell us more about his father.


Matts tells us more about himself: “I’m a graphic designer by trade, so I’ve been working with Photoshop for a long time (although you wouldn’t know it to look at some of my early efforts!). I’ve also inherited my dad’s musical talents—playing guitar, piano, drums, and singing—and have played in various bands over the years, although COVID means I won’t be performing anywhere any time soon!”



Matt said he lives with his girlfriend and their slightly angry cat in Cambridge in the UK and his father lives in a small town about half an hour away. He even told us about the relationship he shares with his Dad: “My dad and I get on so well. We try to have dinner together at least once a week when the subject of Dadvent usually comes up. He’s basically an older version of me, so it’s nice to just hang out sometimes.”



The artist shared details about the way he feels when creating these edits is: “Just the creativity of it all. More so when we put him into famous films, I try to choose serious scenes that are made comedy by my dad’s inclusion, like turning the ‘say hello to my little friend’ scene in Scarface into a failed banjo lesson.”



We also asked Matt about which out of these images is his favorite, he even rang his dad to ask: “I’d have to say the Kim Kardashian one is a favorite for both of us, although the ET one comes a close second because it’s such a stupid image.”



Matt told us what inspired him to create these edits: “I’d seen other people doing advent calendar posts on Facebook—pictures of cute animals and stuff like that—but I thought it would just be funny to post pictures of my dad doing stupid things. It was only ever intended for my friends and family, but it got so popular that we’ve now got dedicated pages for it right across social media. The photoshopping came about purely because my dad’s kitchen is the only place in his house that has decent lighting, so rather than have him constantly doing things in just one room, I decided to cut him out and stick him in other places. The outfit he wears came from one of the early posts we did in the first year, and we thought it would be good to stick with it to make him look even more out of place in the images.”



“The whole thing takes quite a bit of effort. Coming up with the ideas for each post, finding time to take the pictures, as well as the photoshopping itself. I don’t have any professional photography gear, so all the photos are taken on my phone, which means a lot of work has to go into finding the right conditions to take the pictures. I either have to position my dad in places around the house where I can get the right kind of lighting, or wait for the right weather conditions for pictures that need to be taken outside. As you can see, some work is better than others. The year he broke his leg was quite difficult, and obviously doing everything in 2020 whilst maintaining social distance was quite tricky (thank god for optical zoom!), but it’s always such a fun thing to do, and it gives me a reason to hang out with my dad.”