Whenever we see our furry friends relaxing, all we wish is to do the same someday. But we have not yet mastered the art of turning from alert and athletic creatures to sluggish pancakes in just the blink of an eye. No matter how sleepy these pets are, they wake like every cell in their body has rejuvenated. 

Scroll down to see how quietly these furry angels are relaxing and learn the art.

P.S. Don’t get jealous

1. “He does not protect, he does not attack, all he does is lie perfectly flat.”

2. “Too hot for this fox in London today!”

3. Just some mashed potatoes on the floor

4. “Fish got a bit hot snoozing in the sun and went full supercat.”

5. How to get your hooman’s attention:

6. Just doing a bit of yoga.

7. “When I sit, I split.”

8. When you ate too much and need to rest:

9. “Hobbes shows trust by presenting me with his soft white underbelly.”

10. That’s one looong ferret.

11. “I meant to adopt an Australian Cattle Dog, but I think I got a baby seal.”

12. It’s gonna be hard to get this ink spot off the chair.

13. Fantastic sploot!

14. Spilling the goods in all directions

15. Someone left a mop on the floor.

16. Careful, your cup is chipped!

17. Hey, you forgot your legs in the back!

18. “Somebody forgot to put the cap on and he’s just oozing out.”

19. Such perfect fluff!

20. Seems comfortable…

You can also share pictures of your pets relaxing like this. We would love to see them in the comments section.