Did you know Dogs have a sense of time?

You tell your puppy that he is going to get food in 5 minutes and it will start barking at you to give them food in that duration. According to some studies, dogs have an understanding of time. They know the difference between 5 minutes and an hour. In fact, they can predict the time of their future walks. Haha well, they are pretty smart creatures and you must accept that you can’t fool them.

Well, we simply love these adorable four-legged creatures and can never get enough of them. So, here are some funny and relatable memes that will boost your serotonin levels.

1. When your dog is muscular AF! You do as he says.

2. “It doesn’t come with instructions hooman!”

3. That expression though!

4. Don’t we just love Chihuahua’s?

5. Every. Single. Time.

6. HAHA! That’s hilarious AF!

7. Yep, and the council is also ready to bite your ass!

8. “How do we use this, hooman?”

9. Dog on the top right seems like he know some moves!

10. Me* Also, when that guilt kicks in…

11. “Sure… I mean idk what to do but sure.”

12. “You gotta change yourself man. What’s up with you?”

13. Yep, that face makes us weak in the knees! Doesn’t it?

14. “Stoopid hooman is just listening to some music and he expects us to think he’s on the phone. Who talks with the headphones on? It’s for music!”


15. Take me to this hospital RN!

16. When you can relate your personality with a dog.

17. “Why are you making me hold this sign, hooman? What’s free? The house?”

18. My future be like…

19. “They are never gonna know. I’m just gonna enjoy the fight.”

20. Awww… I want a candy from rosco too!

21. Priorities!

22. “I bought food for us, hooman!”

23. I’m definitely following that dog!

24. But you’ll still get hired anyone cause you cute AF!

25. Ferocious and good looking pups!

26. “Pssh, hooman! TF are you even doing? Get me out!”