Snoop Dogg Offers Home to ‘Snoop,’ the Dog Abandoned just before Christmas

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Animal lovers were outraged after they saw a heartbreaking video which went viral last week. A Staffordshire bull terrier was abandoned by a man at the intersection of Timor Grove and Pacific Road in Stoke-on-Trent, England and the same was recorded in the CCTV footage.

In the video clipping, the man is seen dropping the dog along with his bed on the roadside and then he is seen quickly sprinting back to his car. The poor dog tried to chase after his owner, even jumped at the window and circled the car to get inside it somehow, but he was unable to do so. The dog tried his best to follow the man, but he speeds away in his car.

The cruel incident took place on 17 December, just a few days before Christmas. Efforts are being made to identify the owner of the dog and the video was uploaded by the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Charity.

Inspector Natalie Perehovsky of RSPCA said that watching the dog in such a distressed situation would break anyone’s heart. It’s just impossible to understand why someone would do that. After scanning the microchip, two previous owners of the dog have been traced. But it may be wrong to suggest that they are the present owners of the dog and responsible for abandoning him.

Snoop Dogg

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For now, the dog has been named Snoop by the veterinary staff and he is thought to be around two years old and he is in a healthy condition now.

The viral story has brought a lot of offers for the dog. Many people are interested to offer a home for the dog. Everything was sorted after celebrity Snoop Dogg decided to take in the dog. It’s truly a match made in heaven.

Source: VT News, Daily Mail

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