The world’s first ever blockchain smartphone, Finney by Sirin Labs is finally here. This is the result of one of the topmost ICOs of 2017. The brand was endorsed by Football icon Lionel Messi and a token sale of $157.8 million behind it. But even after that, Finney is now in the uncharted territory.

Finney will have to compete against the dominance of Samsung and Apple in the global market. However, the biggest competitor will be the HTC Blockchain smartphone, Exodus 1.

Source- CCN

This new smartphone will ease the access to cryptocurrencies by dCENTER. The phone comes with a DApp store which will contain all the necessary crypt-related applications. Downloading these applications will provide the users with SRN tokens too. If the customers avail all the applications, they can get back $300 of the phone’s price at the launch.

The phone will be launched with its own operating system which will be built on blockchain focused platform. The OS will be called Sirin OS.

Source- Cointelegraph