Sinead O’Connor, the Irish singer, is a proud Muslim now. She has even changed her name to Shuhada’ after converting to Islam.

O’Connor is best known for the hit version of 1990’s ‘Nothing Compares 2 U’ which was her gateway to fame. She believes that the interpretation of all the other scriptures lead to Islam. So it is the most important among all. She tweeted and thanked the fellow Muslims for supporting her.

This is to announce that I am proud to have become a Muslim. This is the natural conclusion of any intelligent theologian’s journey.

O’Connor changed her name last year as well to Magda Davitt and she has spoken about religion several times publicly. The controversy began in 1992 when she tore a picture of the Pope on the US television. In 1999, she was ordained as a priestess, but the Catholic Church refused to recognize this ceremony.

There are several other famous people that took to Islam. Omar Sharif, the Egyptian actor who was also nominated for Oscar, became a Muslim for marrying Faten Hamama. Yusuf Islam, a singer songwriter, converted in 1977 and contributed to the Muslim community.  Rapper Ice Cube became a Muslim in 1990s, but he is still not certain about it. Dave Chappelle, the comedian, converted to Islam in 1998.

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O’Connor became famous in 1990 and her version topped the Billboard Hot 100 for four weeks and got three Grammy nominations. The video of the song became the Video of the Year and won 1990 MTV Video Music Awards.


‘Milestones’ was her first song that was released this year in August in four years. She has also released ten solo albums. Her new album called ‘No Mud No Lotus’ is also coming out soon. O’Connor said that this song is just a demo for the fans who never get to hear it.

Source: BBC, The Guardian