Recent reports have suggested that the popular film franchise called Shrek is about to get a turnaround with the release of a fifth movie. The news comes as a result of the acquisition of DreamWorks Animation by NBC Universal that happened in April this year.

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Shrek 5 confirmed

Shrek 5 release date cast
Shrek Forever After movie image

Reports have also suggested that the studio is planning to release at least 4 animated films in one year and they will include the Shrek films. Furthermore, Shrek 5 is the first film on their list to get a reboot.

The studio also clarified several rumors that had been floating on the Internet ever since the film was announced. Speculations were being made that this is a sequel to the previous films in the franchise that were released under DreamWorks.

However NBC Universal has ordered reboot of the films instead of a sequel. This means that the viewers will get to watch all their beloved characters in the new movie instead of any new editions.

Director speaks out

Shrek 5 release date castNBC has also hired a new writer for the film because they want fresh ideas. Michael McCullers, who wrote the story of Austin Powers, has been hired by NBC to create a modern plotline for the new generation.

The director of the film, Mike Mitchell, has confirmed that he did have some ideas that they are exploring. “With this detail, the viewers will see a different story that may be filled with twists and other explosive plots,” he said.

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However, Chris Meledandri, who is one of the creators, has also revealed that while adding new plotlines, they are careful that the film will hit some nostalgic notes as well. Moreover, it has been reported that NBC has given the film release date of 2019.