There was a moment of terror at the University of Central Florida when students were told to take cover. Without any detailed information, everybody in the college premise was told to stay safe and not roam in open. It is believed that a man with gun is on the loose and everybody was told to hide in the nearest buildings and stay away from the windows.

How many casualties have happened?

As of now, there have been no proper reports of what happened as the officials are on the way. Once they arrive at the college, the whole situation will be analyzed and we will get to know all the information. It may be the case that they are hiding any death news to avoid the panicking among the young students.

Who is the Shooter?

Shooting at University of Central Florida

There has been no proper identity information on the shooter, the only thing confirmed is that he is a man. The shooter is wearing a weapon in his waistband and it has yet to be recognized. Whether the shooter is a college student or not, will soon be identified. He has a firearm and is currently at Tower 1 of the University building.

How did the Students were Notified?

The Students in Florida University started to receive text messages on their phone which said them to take shelter and stay away from the building. They were also advised to circulate the information to their other friends so that everybody knows the imminent danger.

Have the Police arrived on the Scene?

The Florida state police have been called on the campus by the university officials. The police are on their way and advised everyone to not engage with the shooter. As of this writing, the police has arrived and taken necessary action to apprehend the shooter.