A flight attendant has posted six revolutionary hotel hacks to TikTok, which she says will make traveling much simpler.

The Dutch airline KLM employee Esther Sturrus has stayed in accommodations all around the world, and routinely shares travel hacks with her more than 150,000-strong TikTok audience.

The flight attendant, who is from The Netherlands, has just unveiled her wackiest ruse yet: put one of your shoes in the hotel room safe.

In case they forget them when they depart, many customers are scared to leave their valuables in the room safe.

flight attendant

Worried about leaving something in your locker? Esther remarked in a compilation film about hotel hacks. You won’t forget it if you put your heel or shoe in it.

This is done under the belief that you will never leave the room without both pairs of shoes. And if you have many pairs, just switch this out for a coat or jacket—something you would never leave the house without.

A supporter of hers said, “The heel shoe hack is a great idea.”

Other tips included covering shoes when packing them in a suitcase with a hotel shower cap and putting blackout curtains together with a clothes hanger if there are holes.


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These are some of the most annoying things about staying at a hotel, so travelers thought it was a “really cool” and “smart” hack.

When you repack your bag, it’s a good idea to cover your shoes with a shower cap to prevent dirt from getting on your clothes.

The remote control can also be hidden under the shower cap. Since “those things are dirty,” Esther said, “this is very handy.”

The second tip from the flight attendant was to utilize your USB cord to charge your gadgets in the TV if you were without or had a broken travel outlet.

The Flight Attendant

Finally, she said that guests “can also use any other card for this” and that they “are not required to use the room key for your electricity.”

Miguel Muoz, a flight attendant, recently shared some of his favorite hotel hacks with us. He said that he never stays at a hotel without his own cup, salt, and pepper, as well as his own bamboo cutlery set and coffee sachets because “some hotels don’t give you any.”

He added that he usually packs his items into these tiny sections, making packing cubes vital for him when it comes to packing a suitcase.

I usually arrange all of my clothes by day, but he replied, you should do what seems right to you. This is especially useful if you plan to travel or switch hotels.

Miguel added that he rolls his pants, socks, and any fragile items he may have inside his sneakers to conserve space and wears his roomiest jacket or sweater when traveling to save space in his suitcase.