There are hundreds of dog breeds and all of them are perfect in their own way. But Shiba Inu’s are different. There is something about them that makes us fall in love with them even more. 

If you are also crazy about this adorable dog breed, you just got lucky because we have compiled some wholesome pictures of Shiba Inu. 

1. The ears pop up

2. I’m listening

3. He loves his stuffed polar bear toy

4. This is one of the best dog pictures I’ve ever seen.

5. Hi there!

6. This is how a Shiba looks at you without actually looking.

7. This is the best sign EVER

8. Just hanging out

9. Poor baby ate a scorpion

10. Something nice to come home to

11. Ready to swim

12. The happiest dog

13. The angriest dog

14. This lucky dog loves camping

15. This seven-year-old Shiba loves swinging

16. He’s not too sure about this

17. Enjoying some yoga