Facebook has faced a lot of turmoil recently and we all know about it. But now the unthinkable is about to happen. Discussions are going on regarding Sheryl Sandberg’s future at Facebook. The star executive Sheryl Sandberg may soon be forced out of Facebook.

The company’s officials including CEO Mark Zuckerberg have been repeatedly asked about it. Even Sandberg reported earlier that she was on a shaky ground even before the revelations that were recently received about the company.  It was revealed that the company has tried to restrict public disclosures regarding Russian interference in the elections in 2016 and the campaign it launched to hit back at the critics including George Soros, the billionaire financier.

George Soros

Sandberg has given Facebook a lot of reasons for firing her beginning with the anti-Semitic Soros smear. But the issue extends far above that reaching the CEO’s office. So the change needs to be initiated at the top itself.


Finding Sandberg in such a situation is a stunning turn of events after she was admired as a feminist and tech industry icon. Her book “Lean In” also received a lot of appreciation. Not only this, but she also played a major role in Facebook’s growth and transformation from a start-up to a global giant.

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However, over the last year, Sandberg’s public perception has completely changed due to the Facebook fiascoes and scandals including Russia’s election interference, Manmar’s genocide-stoking propaganda, data leaks and security breaches and recent revelations about targeting critics. Facebook did not take action against the scandals at the appropriate time leading to its present position and Sandberg is accused to be the one behind it.

Mark Zuckerberg

As a consequence, company’s stocks have been badly crushed. But the company still chose to support Sandberg. Mark Zuckerberg said,

 I hope we work together for decades more to come.

Source: Business Insider, One News Page